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Also included is a detailed plan of our process from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

*Will ancillary documents typically include the following: Healthcare documents (Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, HIPAA, Durable Power of Attorney and Personal Property Memorandum).

*Trust ancillary documents typically include the following: certificate of trust, assignment of personal property, trust summary, name and fiduciary summary, trust overview, healthcare documents (Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, HIPAA), Durable Power of Attorney and Personal Property Memorandum.

We also offer zoom or telephone meetings to hold document reviews prior to signing! Please ask us about this great service!

Here’s how we get started:

The best way to get started is by setting up a telephone or zoom call to get to know you and the needs of your firm. We can discuss which software you use and what type of estate plans you are looking to receive assistance with. The most important forms for drafting purposes are your personal information form or intake form and a design template. If you do not have a design template, we have templates that we can review to find what works best for you and your firm in order to relay all of the client’s wishes and your customization.

We will share all of your client’s confidential documents and estate planning documents through Dropbox or your firm’s software of choice (CLIO, Mycase, GDrive, Actionstep, etc.). You will also provide us with the login information for your drafting software. From this point Once we’ve received this information we can begin drafting. Turnaround time is typically within 7 business days, unless there is a special circumstance and documents are needed faster. We can certainly accommodate these situations and ask that the firm calls or texts to let us know of an immediate need.

We also offer confirmation calls and emails to your client to confirm all names and fiduciaries written in the plans as well as distribution to beneficiaries are correct which in turn gives you and the clients confidence when entering the signing meeting. 

Once the documents have been completed, you will receive an email letting you know the drafts are ready for review.

Offering a wide variety of drafting experience using Wealthcounsel, Eldercounsel, Lawyers with Purpose, and Westlaw Form Builder softwares. 

Each document is reviewed thoroughly and customized per the design of your client. A turnaround time of seven (7) business days is always guaranteed.

If your firm uses internal templates, we are more than happy to assist with drafting those to provide your firm with a complete set of documents.

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