The Details…

The purpose of Estate Plan Drafting, LLC is to assist attorneys with a cost-effective way to take care of all of your drafting needs. Hiring us to do the job ensures an experienced paralegal will provide timely, complete and accurate documents within 7 business days. Each estate plan has been reviewed by two sets of eyes prior to delivery. Estate Plan Drafting is the solution when you’re in need of a full-time or part-time paralegal. Whether you’re in the process of finding someone in-house, backlogged in need of some relief or looking for full-time support, Estate Plan Drafting is here to help! We offer flat fee pricing so you can pay for services as needed.

What to Expect…

Quality Assurance.

Every time.

We Work For You.


Different Software Proficiencies


Experience & Expertise


Day Turnaround Guarantee

The Details…

  • Each document has two sets of eyes
  • We create a quality assurance checklist to confirm all of your firm’s customizations are prepared exactly as you want them.
  • Experienced drafters with over 11 years of experience– so no training is needed. Proficient in Wealth Docx, Elder Docx, Lawyers with Purpose and Westlaw’s Form Builder. We are also more than happy to learn other software!
  • Flat fee prices – only pay for services when you need it. We are happy to work full time, part time or on an as needed basis.

Let’s Work Together

Phone: + 315-256-4455
Email: allyson@epdrafting.com
Hours: 8am- 6pm Monday- Friday

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